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Thanks to pledges from APA friends around the world, the Chitwan WORTH women not only joined us in Kathmandu, but received 2 standing ovations..... To fulfill your pledge, click 'DONATE' below to send your contribution... THANKS!
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APA Consulting offers a collaborative, strength-based approach to strategic change, empowerment, and the scaling-up of positive transformation. At the heart of our practice is Appreciative Planning and Action (APA) – a short, streamlined and action-oriented adaptation of Appreciative Inquiry.

APA was developed first in the mountains of Nepal to engage and empower local people, especially very poor women, often illiterate, whose busy lives did not give them the leisure to join workshops or meetings lasting more than an hour or two. Today it is being used by businesses, non-profits, and local and national organizations in a dozen countries around the world where time and efficiency – and rapid, achievable, positive results are demanded.

APA differs from classical Appreciative Inquiry in its focus on three fundamental questions:

1. What works? What’s the best?
2. What’s ‘even better’ look like?
3. How do we get there?

These 3 questions are reflected in the name of our process:

Appreciative: Focusing on success, what works
Planning: Developing a vision and plans for the future, based on what works
Action: Taking action to get started, now!

APA draws out the successes, strengths and values shared by people and organizations in order to implement a change agenda to achieve their highest goals – and it does so in a matter of only an hour or two, rather than the days or weeks so often required by other processes.

APA Consulting combines features of a small personalized practice with a large consulting firm -– AI Consulting, LLC, with its extensive knowledge web, an alliance of change agents, and a socially responsible business entity. We are a principle-driven organization, valuing integrity, learning, generosity, and the common good. Our leading-edge design makes us highly flexible and responsive to client needs. We always seek to enhance the core strengths that “give life” to an organization while growing its economic vitality, ecological integrity and organizational health.

2009 World Appreciative inquiry Conference

Amazing Conference in Kathmandu -- Leading the positive change revolution!

The 2009 World Appreciative Inquiry Conference featured 400 top leaders, practitioners and scholars from 40 countries who focused on strength-based approaches for change and development. With a focus on lifting up best practices and stories of success from around the globe, this event turned out to be the premier learning and collaborative opportunity for today’s leaders, managers, and development professionals in government, non-government, and business and change agents at ever level of society. 

One after another, participants pulled me aside to say that this event in Kathmandu was "The Best Ever!"

Many others who could not be there pledged support for bringing the women from the APA-based WORTH program to join the Conference in Kathmandu... If you were among them, please click "DONATE" button to make your contribution.... and know that your investment has already begun to pay off! 

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